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Cultivated Cornucopia mushroom

Cornucopia fungus

The Cornucopia Mushroom (Pleurotus cornucopiae) one of the mushrooms cultivated by De Biasi, has a 5-12 cm cap, first convex then depressed and funnel-shaped (precisely like a cornucopia). The cap is fleshy and smooth and can reach a diameter of about 10 cm. Yellowish color and thin stem, often branched, more or less eccentric, full, whitish, almost completely covered by gills. The latter, white, dense, are decurrent on the stem, where they anastomose to form a reticulum.

Il Pleurotus cornucopiae it has white flesh, first soft then rather tenacious and has a floury smell and a sweetish taste.

It prefers cultivation temperatures above 20°C. It has a delicate, pleasant, slightly floury flavour.

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