Dedicated to the hobbyist

Cultivates at home your fresh mushrooms and cardoncelli good as those of the Murgia!

See how easy it is to grow indoors.
With our pre-packaged kits and nothing else, now you can!

Choose the strain to grow and buy kit

In each kit you will find:

  • 1 compound bag
  • 1 bag of potting soil
  • sheet with instructions for use (which can also be found on the side of the box)

Reap so from October until May healthy and fresh mushrooms from the white meat, aromatic and firm, adapted to be baked, roasted, dried and frozen.

The cultivation of the cardoncello mushroom is a fulfilling hobby that does not require professional knowledge. What we need are our beautiful and ready kits and ours advice for the cultivation.

The cure is so easy that anyone can do it. After 15-20 days you will collect some tasty Cardoncelli mushrooms. In the garden, terrace, veranda, balcony or room with sufficient light, there is a place where you can grow Cardoncelli mushrooms for family consumption.