Mycological Company

The native land of cardoncello home...

The company is located in Puglia in the territory of Castellaneta (Taranto) at the foot of the Appulo-Lucanian Murgia on a total area of ​​about 70.000 square meters. of which about 10.000 square meters. intended for the mushroom farm.
Founded in the early 80s by De Biasi Arcangelo, it established itself in the mushroom growing sector with the production and distribution of the incubated substrate of the Pleurotus eryngii mushroom and with the cultivation and marketing of the mushrooms themselves.

The Mycology Laboratory:

The heart of the DE BIASI company is represented by the microbiological laboratory, where the mycelium from the strains that grow spontaneously in the Murge plateau.

The mycelium is used for the insemination of the substrate made of first choice materials. It is thus possible, through scrupulous manufacturing processes, to obtain compounds that give abundant and quality productions.

Corporate farming and Marketing:

The company cultivation of the cardoncello mushroom is done in mushroom greenhouses capable of ensuring temperature, brightness, humidity and air circulation adequate to the needs of the mushroom itself.
The products mushrooms are harvested, packed in plastic boxes of about 3-4 kg. and for national markets.
This allows us to monitor and improve the production characteristics of our strains as a function of productivity and resistance to adversity, as well as to carry out actual market surveys on different varieties of Popular mushrooms.


The company also offers its customers a qualified consultancy service and accurate technical assistance, starting from the setting up of the mushroom farm, to the analysis of the covering soil, up to the collection and marketing of the product.

De Biasi company selects representatives for free areas