Production and sales of highly productive incubated substrates and selected the mushroom Pleurotus eryngii

Arcangelo De Biasi The De Biasi Mycological Farm has established itself in the context of specialized crops, In the field of mushroom cultivation with the cultivation and distribution of incubated substrate for the production of Pleurotus eryngii (Carboncelli). Delicious mushrooms that grow wild in thehigh Murgia and in the Mediterranean coastal areas.

In his microbiological laboratory, De Biasi selects the most beautiful and productive strains from mushrooms that grow naturally, using them for the insemination of the substrate made of raw materials chosen thanks to years of experience in this sector.


Arcangelo De Biasi

The cultivation in our greenhouses of the various strains of Cardoncello, intended for national markets. This allows thecompany De Biasi monitor and improve the production characteristics of the strains as a function of productivity and resistance to adversity.

Counseling for Mushroom cultivator : De Biasi offers its customers a qualified service advice and an accurate one assistance, starting from the preparation of the mushroom farm to the analysis of the covering soil up to the harvest e marketing mushrooms.

Also arable Hobby!

Following the great success in the kitchen from these beautiful mushrooms, De Biasi has created a prepackaged kits that will grow indoors fresh mushrooms. Easy to use, the kit is sold through our e-commerce site